WYNR 2023 NEW member (6 month membership)

WYNR 2023 NEW member (6 month membership)

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Welcome WYNR 2023

We are currently opening WYNR members to new members for our half-year uptake. Annual WYNR members are usually $60 for new members ($30 for returning members) but we welcome you to WYNR at a 50% discount for the remainder of 2023. This membership will expire 31/12/2023.

Your $30 WYNR membership pack unlocks: 

  • 40-50% off RRP for your official WYNR race and training items
  • 20% off RRP on all in-line WYN republic items
  • 20% off RRP on all in-line MALO republic items
  • WYNR podium t-shirt, hat and cap with first team order
  • Exclusive discounts off team partner products.
  • Closed Facebook group to connect with other WYNR members around the world, join group chats and receive team updates.
  • Invites to exclusive WYNR team camps and other events.

Membership fee also help us cover costs team management.

*This membership fee must be completed in order receive the above WYNR benefits. Please only add this WITH your team kit order (NOT SEPARATELY).